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The GPS Ride Plot Project is a Perl script which converts GPS track data into a PNG image file with a plot of the course travelled. It has primarily been used by its author for plotting bicycle rides. However, it can plot any track and has been used for plotting travel by car, trolley and jet airliner.

Currently this only supports GPS models by Garmin. Use the gpstrans program (another project hosted on SourceForge) to download the track from your GPS. However, enhancements to support other hardware will be accepted.

Generating a map image is done as follows:

See some example images which have been created with rideplot. The related links page lists other software that you'll need to get rideplot working.

This map of the light rail system in San Jose drawn with RidePlot has gotten quite a bit of attention recently. It was highlighted on the web site of the VTA Riders Union, a transit advocacy group in Silicon Valley. It was also mentioned in the Nov 29, 2001 "Public Eye" column of the Silicon Valley Metro weekly newspaper.

See the slides from the GPS Ride Plot Project presentation at SacLUG in Sacramento, California on Nov 14, 2001.

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